Something Wicked This Way Comes

You are what you eat.

Posted in studio by Christina Jenkins on September 11, 2008

So our first assignment in studio:interface was to create a self portrait. Any medium, any scale, etc. Mine’s below. I was thinking about what kind of image, aside from a straight-up realistic picture, would, well, invoke me. What can do that better than icons of my nine favorite foods? I do eat more adult items, but these nine all make me really happy whenever I can get my hands on them. From the top left to right, those are: Kraft Singles processed cheese slices; a McDonalds’ filet-o-fish; a corndog; a bahn mi (vietnamese sandwich); a burrito (of any sort); mayonnaise; a chrysanthemum tea juice box;  Kraft macaroni and cheese; and Totino’s frozen party pizza, which I can’t locate anywhere in New York City.

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